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Certified Secure Credential ID CS-21031997840

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Certified Secure Credential ID CS-21031997840

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy 0.3 ( 21-05-2018 )
Name : SC Zwagerman IT Srl.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it
Our website is tracking who is visiting our website, how often someone is coming to our website and if you are a returning visitor.
Visitor data is kept maximum 12 months and do no use the visitor data for (re)marketing.

If you leave a comment on our website, you have to agree that we process your details to help you with your request.
In this case our website is registering your IP-adress, your name and email-address, the bare minimum.
We only keep your comment/request as long as required to help you with your request, after this the data is removed automatically.

Our website only uses a few functional cookies for displaying the website nicely.
In case you leave a request on our website with your details will be saved on your computer for max one year, which you can delete yourself.


We have an embedded playlist with frequently issues from camera’s, useful if you are looking for it.
Youtube is saving cookies as well and also tracking your data, please read the policy at youtube.

Sharing your data?
We do not share any data with anymore, sounds selfish, but no we dont.

Hosting contract / service contract
If you have hosting with us or a contract, you have received an addon on your contract, we will make sure your data is safe.

Your data?
If you have left any details via our website, you can delete your data via the website via the data access request form to delete any data.

Your data secure?
Yes, all your data if we have any of your data stored is highly secured using WordFence on our webserver, backups are encrypted using strong AES256 encryption.

Contact details:

SC Zwagerman IT SRL.
Carbunesti Sat 163
Targu Carbunesti
215502 GORJ
i[email protected]